"A heartfelt ode to the redemptive power of music...  A 70's style meld of rock-tinged funk and and neo-psychedelic organ/fretboard interplay, with dollops of pop romanticism...  Irony-rich...  Harmony-rich...  Jubilantly danceable...  Inventive lyric juxtapositions...  Tough enough for street cred and sufficiently boho-literate to please the hipsters."

-Living Blues Magazine

"With a blusey style that contains hints of funk and soul, Oscar Jordan and his ensemble transport us to other times and far off places in rock & roll's history.  The result is a classic sound that is timeless and satisfying."

-Music Connection Magazine

"Oscar Jordan offers a triumphant second album that brims with the varied influences of soul, funk, gospel, Latin rock, and even psychedelia...  a guitar wailer in the classic sense...  sincere, heartfelt and lovely...  Jordan's one to watch."

-Blues Revue Magazine

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"Oscar Jordan sings it downtown and backs up what he's saying' with an assertive guitar that sets the night on fire."

-Southland Blues Magazine

"If you like blues, Motown, and in your face rock & roll, then you're going to love Oscar Jordan."

-Teri Gladstone, KLOS Radio Los Angeles

"Eclectic Soul is designed to appeal to people who love the attitude, soul and passion of blues, rock and gospel music blended with a fiery and soulful guitar and a emotionally charged voice."

-Guitar Nine Records

"Perfect... Every track on this CD is super fine Blues...  The finest debut I've heard in years... A Blues Classic."

-Real Blues Magazine

"Jordan delivers on the promise of dropping jaws with his talent, culminating in a shredding guitar finale that blew away the crowd and left them wanting more."

- Music Connection Magazine